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Darling in the Franxx aired its 18th episode on 19 May 2018. I am glad that there are still six episodes left because I really like the development even though some happenings are heartbreaking.

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Japanese title: 桜の花が咲く頃に

Episode 18 – When the Sakura Blooms

Mitsuru và Kokoro spend the night together. Hachi informs Squad 13 that they are going lớn move into a parasite camp with other squads. Hiro suggests celebrating Kokoro and Mitsuru’s wedding ceremony before leaving Mistilteinn & teaches the others the meaning of a wedding. Hand in hand, they prepare a wonderful wedding khổng lồ create their last memories in this peaceful place. Futoshi even wants to lớn play the role of the priest lớn congratulate the couple with all his heart. In the meanwhile, as Ichigo is worried about Ikuno she tries to ask her about the sudden burst of temper the last time the Nines appeared. Ikuno reveals that she slapped one of the Nines because she was thinking exactly the same, that it is annoying to lớn need both genders in order to lớn pilot the Franxx. Ikuno then confesses her love lớn Ichigo.The children hold the wedding ceremony the best they can but get interrupted by the Nines và armed men who bark into their ceremony to abduct the couple, right after exchanging rings. Squad 13 including Zero Two try khổng lồ prevent them from taking the couple away, but can’t stop them. Preparations for leaving Mistilteinn are complete và a ship takes them to lớn a camp where they meet Kokoro và Mitsuru again, but in a slightly different shape.

Terms & Lingo

Re-indoctrinateThis is a word that the Nines & Dr. Franxx used in the last episode too: The word ‘indoctrinate’ simply means lớn teach someone. From the 19th century on it has a bad connotation & is mostly used to lớn describe ‘brainwashing’. Therefore, lớn ‘re-indoctrinate’ means to brainwash the parasites again.

My Thoughts

At first, I thought that Futoshi would be against the wedding, but him playing the role of the priest came out of nowhere. Futoshi is a great character & you can feel that he truly loves Kokoro because he gave up on her and was even showing his support. But how did he get the idea of what the person on Zero Two’s picture, the priest, is doing during the ceremony? Or did he not really know anything?I loved how the whole group showed their tư vấn and prepared a lovely atmosphere, a gorgeous dress, và bouquet for Kokoro. She was so beautiful. I fell in love with her hair & dress và also the super xinh tươi smiles on her và Mitsuru’s faces were adorable. It is a shame that their perfect wedding was disturbed by the Nines. Even Zero Two looked stunning in Kokoro’s uniform. Why did the papa-tachi even bother to stop Kokoro & Mitsuru from getting married? They wanted khổng lồ stop them so badly that they let the Nines go there with an army to abduct the happy & about-to-get-married couple in order to erase their memories. The question is why would they do something like that? The kids were waiting for contact, order, for their ‘warm’ words that they have not been forgotten or abandoned, but there was no sign of them. Now that two of Squad 13’s parasites were getting married, they panicked & erased their memories. They should have erased all parasites’ memories just in case, because the others will remember the day và help the couple to lớn remember too.

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The kids knew that they would have to fight again using Franxx units. They were ready khổng lồ go back, even if their life at Mistelteinn has been nice & for the first time totally free, but the plant was dying so they had no other chance but to lớn move forward. Nana and Hachi were watching the kids’ daily lives but didn’t leak their ‘abnormalities’ khổng lồ APE’s upper section because of Dr. Franxx’s advice or order. The Nines then appeared, discovered the little book Kokoro found in the city and disclosed their funds to papa. Therefore the Nines are responsible for this sudden attack. I wonder what they receive for their great loyalty from the APE organization. I am a bit sad that Hachi didn’t vị anything to lớn protect the couple or the children from the sudden attack, though I know that he wouldn’t have been able to even lift his little finger in his current state. Not much later we dive into Hachi’s past. We see him & Nana being parasites but operating the Franxx with different partners, when suddenly Nana’s partner dies after a fight. She looked so happy và equipped with all her emotions then. So my guess would be that the parasites way before Hiro and his comrades still had feelings & because they weren’t able to control these, the papa-tachi ordered khổng lồ brainwash them. No feelings equal no problems in controlling warriors. Knowing too much about the ‘real’ life would be a hindrance in sacrificing their own lives for the adults if there were a beloved person lớn whom the parasites would want lớn safely return to. Or the other way, losing their partner could cause a mental breakdown which would destroy the parasite and make him or her useless.

My What-Is-Going-On? Moments

Weak Zero Two Zero Two is pretty strong when using Strelizia và she was also stronger than Squad 13 members when they didn’t allow her khổng lồ meet the wounded Hiro. But when she tried lớn help Kokoro & Mitsuru the Nines were in her way & a lot stronger than I thought they would be.

Kokoro and Mitsuru’s ringsWhy would someone try to lớn delete memories without getting rid of all possible objects that would help the person to remember something? How could the person in charge forget khổng lồ take Mitsuru’s hand-made rings from the couple? When Zero Two was about khổng lồ get her memories erased, she knew that someone would take her picture book so she ate the pages to lớn remember even the slightest bit of her và her darling’s past. One explanation could be that the person in charge knew nothing about weddings and the rings’ meanings. He or she only acted according to lớn orders from above and just erased their memories. I am sure that their strong feelings which Kokoro and Mitsuru had for each other will bring back all the memories they had together in the next two episodes.

Ikuno’s confession So I was right about Ikuno loving Ichigo. She finally confessed her feelings that she was jealous of the boys being around her beloved Ichigo. She revealed that she was watching Ichigo ever since Ichigo gave Ikuno her current name và even noticed the second hairpin which she received from Goro! How in the world would she have known that this was a different sạc pin than before? For me, they looked the same and I didn’t really observe any change in her hairstyle. Did you, guys? I only had eyes for Mitsuru’s cutely styled and Kokoro’s sudden & drastic hair changes. At first, I was a bit afraid of how Ichigo would react và that it might destroy Ikuno, make her unable to fight anymore, but it went pretty well.

In the End

This episode could have been so cute and perfect if Kokoro & Mitsuru’s wedding hasn’t been disturbed. What vày Zero Two’s nightmare about her late partners and the giant hand trying to lớn kill her mean? and how are APE members planning lớn restore their ‘bodies’? Let’s check out the next episode và find answers to lớn our questions!