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Deciding between hãng sản xuất intel 7260 vs. 3160 wireless adapters can be quite tricky, especially if you are not very familiar with the nitty-gritty of mạng internet routers và their accessories.

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Aside from the fact that both kits are from the same brand, they nội dung some similarities và dissimilarities that often make it difficult for people to lớn determine the right model for their home or office needs between the two kits.

In this article, we shall pit these two wireless adapters against each other & briefly draw up their areas of strength, weaknesses, & how they will benefit your home.

Intel 3160 vs. 7260 Comparison Table at a Glance

Model/NameIntel 7260Intel 3160
TX/RX Streams2×21×1
WiFi BandDual-(2.4Ghz,5.8Ghz)Dual (2.4Ghz,5.8Ghz)
Max. WiFi Speed867Mbps433 Mbps
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
WiFi Certification802.11ac802.11ac

1. Hãng sản xuất intel 3160 HMWG.R Dual Band Wireless Router


Connection & Speed

Winner: hãng intel 7260

When it comes khổng lồ connection và data transmission, the intel 7260 vs. 3160 battle is always a close call. It is hard khổng lồ pick a winner between the two, as they both promise the ultimate WiFi performance powered by Intel’s fantastic hardware. That means more speed, coverage, và larger capacity.

The two kits boast a công nghệ bluetooth 4.0 smart ready connection lớn help you keep things simple and fast. Intel ac 3160 range also means you’ve got no problems over distance when doing something via the internet.

However, the hãng sản xuất intel 7260 is able to lớn transmit faster & deliver up to lớn 867Mbs on its 2×2 RX/TX streams, which comes off a big advantage over its t3160 counterpart.

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Winner: Both

As with any router out there, you want one that offers you a lot of safety. Our intel dual-band wireless ac 7260 review focuses on the importance of Intel’s in-house Business Class Wireless Suite for enterprise clients, which help khổng lồ protect them from malware & other online threats.

Similarly, the intel ac 3160 features hãng sản xuất intel Smart Connect and Intel WiFi tư vấn Assistant to protect your online assets and combat external threats.

Overall, using either of these routers will give you some measure of protection. However, we feel they both lack a high màn chơi of security against external threats lượt thích Spyware.


So far, we have highlighted some of the most important features and differences between the two hãng intel routers. Notably, you can ngân hàng on both devices lớn make your PC come alive with top-speed connection & data transmission.

However, the hãng sản xuất intel ac7260 has a slight advantage over its counterpart when it comes to connection & premium tools, as it offers faster speed và comes equipped with a lot of sophisticated features that will appeal lớn enterprise clients.