Mouse Ko Dây Logitech 101 Chính Hãng


Powerful, precise, & silent, M590 is designed lớn perform, so you can, too. The curved, right-handed shape lets you work comfortably for hours, while the compact design và up lớn two years of battery lifeBattery life may vary based on use & computing conditions. Give you the freedom to take your work anywhere. The five programmable buttons & multi-device flow boost your productivity-silently thanks khổng lồ the 90%Sound level comparison between M590 và M170. Left click dBA measured by an independent lab at 3.3 feet(1m). Reduction of clicking sounds. That means the full focus for you & a quieter environment for those around you.

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Stay focused on your work without noise distractions.’s own SilentTouch giải pháp công nghệ reduces over 90%Sound màn chơi comparison between M590 & M170. Left click dBA measured by an independent lab at 1m. Of clicking sounds, all while ensuring the mouse performs its best. That means you can feel every single click but hear virtually nothing.


Designed for hours of comfort, M590 features a curved shape for great palm support, plus soft rubber side-grips & scroll wheel for superior control. The comfortable kiến thiết is also compact and wireless, so you can perform anywhere — the office, at school, or behind your desk at home.

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M590 brings navigation và efficiency lớn the next level. The micro-precise scroll wheel packs more grooves per millimeter, making scrolling through long webpages faster and more precise. The tilt wheel offers easy horizontal side-to-side scrolling through web pages, large spreadsheets or images.

Use Options to lớn change cursor speed, enable the Flow technology, or assign your favorite shortcuts to the five customizable buttons và get a boost in productivity.The extra thumb buttons và tilt wheel can be adjusted lớn perform the way you need — such as forward & back website navigation, opening your browser windows, switching applications, or jumping lớn full-screen. Intuitive software makes customization easy.


The mouse is built using the same high unique standards that have made the global leader for mice và keyboardsBased on independent sales data (in units) aggregated for mice & keyboards from major global markets including Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, US (July ’19 - July ’20 period). Retail channel only.. Durable and reliable, M590 also works up to 24 monthsBattery life may vary based on use và computing conditions. Without changing batteries thanks lớn the auto-sleep power-saving mode and on/off switch button.

We bring over 25 years of expertise & innovation creating mice of various sizes và shapes that provide an extra degree of comfort. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to lớn fit right- or left-handed users, making it easier to lớn find the hàng hóa that’s right for you.

Mouse Height: 4.06 in (103 mm) Width: 2.52 in (64 mm) Depth: 1.57 in (40 mm) Weight (with batteries): 3.56 oz (101 g) Unifying receiver Height: 0.57 in (14.4 mm) Width: 0.74 in (18.7 mm) Depth: 0.24 in (6.1 mm) Weight: 0.06 oz (1.8 g)
bluetooth không dây Required: bluetooth không dây low energy giải pháp công nghệ Windows 10,11 or later macOS 10.5 or later Chrome OS Linux Kernel 2.6+ Android™ 5.0 or later iPadOS 13.4 or later
Scrolling Precision scrolling wheel Scroll Wheel: Yes, Rubber Tilt Wheel: Yes with middle click